Admission Process



Please be prepared to present these items:

The program seeks to help every resident experience a better way of life.

We offer residents, who are dedicated to seeking real change, the opportunity to apply for the program free of charge. All information is kept confidential. A member of our staff will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment for intake.

Alternatively, you can call 832-632-1221 to make appointments for Anchor Point, located at 103 Davis, Suite B in League City, TX or Obria Medical Clinic, located in Suite K.

Application for Hope House

Hope House Application

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Let us know how many weeks pregnant you are currenly
Let us know if you have had any medical care up to this point.
What assistance would you like to discuss? What are you looking for and how can we help?
Hope House can accommodate expectant residents and after delivery for a max. of 10 months dependent of start date of residency. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate additional children at the home.